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unnamed (2)I can’t get enough of cock. I’ve never been faithful to one man before, in fact things went sour with my last boyfriend because I was fucking his best friend. Proper kinky bastard he was. I remember one time he was around watching the rugby with my boyfriend, having a few beers while I lay upstairs on my bed, texting him pictures of my cunt filled with my favourite dildo. I drove him wild with need.

He plied my boyfriend full of beer until he eventually fell asleep. He was up the stairs and on me in seconds. ‘You fucking sexy, cock teasing little bitch’ he growled as he took the dildo from my sopping wet pussy and covered it with his mouth. God I love my pussy licked and sucked. I fucked his mouth hard, my hands gripping the back of his head, pulling him closer. I came with in minutes, soaking his face in my hot, tasty juices.

He climbed up my body, releasing his cock from his jeans as he went. ‘You like that baby?’ He asked ‘you like knowing I’m gonna go back downstairs with the taste of your cunt on my tongue? Your cum all over my cock…’

He pinned my wrists together above my head with one hand while he guided his cock to my cunt with the other. Mmmm he teased his hard, throbbing cock between my plump, smooth cunt lips, over my clit, until I whimpered with need.

‘Tell me what you need’ he said ‘My arse’ I replied ‘Put it in my tight little arse…fuck me like the filthy bitch I am…’.

Using nothing but my pussy juices for lube, he slowly pressed the tip of his cock against my tight arsehole. I gasped at the first sting of pain, fuck I loved that, that stretch and burn and that feeling of being so fucking dirty. My boyfriend snoring on the couch while his best friend filled my arse with cock, mmmmmm fuck yes. I freed one of my hands and played with my clit, both holes clenching tighter.

Long, slow, steady strokes of his cock filled my arse again and again. ‘Fuck me’ I whispered ‘Fuck me hard, nasty…make me fucking come’

He gritted his teeth and slammed his cock deep into my arse, my orgasm hit me full force, my back arched, my mouth opened on a silent scream, my cum poured down between my arse cheeks, coating his pounding cock. His hand found my throat and gently squeezed as he pumped his load deep in my arse, I fucking loved it. Dominated, owned, fucked, filled. My arse would ache for hours and remind me of what a dirty bitch I am.

I don’t just get down and dirty in the bedroom you know. I also get wet for textsex and I fucking love kinky phonesex, if you think you can handle my cock hungry ways get in touch, I’m always up for filth.

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