Confession Ashley

unnamedI’ve always been a dirty little bitch, I fucked my way through college and I’m no different now I’m working in a solicitor’s office. It’s a shame most of the guys that work here are about as exciting as a cold, wet fish. There was this one client though, a divorcee, he was making regular trips to the office during last summer and every time he came in he would stare at my pert little tits in my tight, white blouse. I’d wiggle my arse as I walked past him, making sure to brush against him too.

Mmmmm that man made my panties so wet. One day he followed me into the ladies, right into the cubicle and locked the door behind him. I smiled at him, licking my lips, I got straight onto my knees like a good little slut and took his rock hard cock from his trousers…the sigh of relief from when I wrapped my mouth that aching dick was almost animalistic.

He grabbed fists full of my hair and slammed his dick into the back of my throat, I gagged, my eyes watered, my sweet, tight little cunt dripped with need. I fucking loved it. A few more deep, hard thrusts into my throat and I was sure he was going to blow his load…but this dirty fucker wanted more.

He pulled out of my mouth, spun me around, bending me forward, he yanked my tight little black skirt up over my arse. He snapped my pink thong off like it was paper, leaving me in my stockings, heels and my bare, smooth, slick, teen cunt exposed. He buried his dick inside me in one strong, powerful thrust, pinning my head forward and pounding my cunt just like I craved.

I needed a hard, rough fuck. I clawed at the wall in front of me, his fingers gripped my hips so tight I knew there’d be marks, mmmmmmm. ‘Take it you fucking dirty little slut’ he growled at me ‘oh fuck, you’re so fucking tight…so fucking wet’.

He fucked me so good in that cubicle, so hard. Over and over he pounded my hot, clenching, dripping wet cunt. I gritted my teeth as my orgasm rose, trying to hold back my screams of pleasure, his hand covered my mouth as I started to cum. ‘Oh fuck yes…I’m going to cum…I’m gonna fill that tight little teen cunt..fucking take it slut!’ He moaned as I felt spurt after spurt of hot, thick, warm cum fill me…mmmmmm.

I went back to my desk, my cheeks flushed, my cunt dripping and my thighs coated in cum. My broken thong in my hand bag and a smile from ear to ear. You fancy playing dirty with me? A little phone sex uk or mmmmm, filthy text chat? Get your phone out baby, let’s play.

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