Adult Baby Erotica – He Loves My Chocolate Titties

Posted on by Teresa Short

sexy adult baby eroticaI went to a pub to meet a guy I had met online. He said he was into some very kinky things but that didn’t scare me because I’m a very kinky girl. We had a few drinks and then he finally told me what he was into – adult baby fantasies. I didn’t know much about it but like I said, I’m the type of girl who will try anything twice (just to make sure), so when he asked me to go to his flat, I said yes.

We had a few more drinks and then he said he wanted to get more comfortable. He left and returned wearing a nappy and a bib. I have to admit, there was something about seeing such a tall, fit, handsome guy being so vulnerable that I liked about this. And then he started to cry.

I asked him what was wrong but, of course, he couldn’t talk. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was hungry. I brought him over to the sofa and laid him across my lap. I reached down into my bra and pulled out one of my heavy, chocolate, tits. I traced my hard nipple around his lips to let him know it was feeding time. He latched on tightly. He used his fingers to knead my breasts. He closed his eyes and made the cutest little baby sounds as he suckled my big black tits.

Every time he sucked on my tit, I felt the most amazing sensation. It felt like milk was really flowing out of me. I arched my back and pressed the back of his head against my tit as I rocked him back and forth. After awhile I switched tits and enjoyed the feeling of him greedily feasting on me. He stopped after a while and I placed him across my knee to burp him.

I put him on the floor to change his nappy and just like I thought he made a huge mess. His nappy was full of cum. I cleaned him with a wet, warm towel then powdered him good. I put a fresh nappy on him and gave him a kiss. I told him he was good boy and that it was time for bed. I put him in the adult-size crib he kept in a spare room, put on his night light and let myself out. That was my first introduction to the adult baby world but it wasn’t my last. He couldn’t get enough of my huge chocolate tits and I couldn’t get enough of feeding them to him.

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